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For candidates

At Minerva Recruitment, we are committed to empowering the global community of job seekers from the Higher Education sector, particularly those with advanced qualifications such as a PhD. We strive to foster greater autonomy within the sector by offering exclusive resources, including: a specialised jobs board, virtual mentorship programme, discussion board, advice articles, and discounts for affiliated services. We make your job search a “smart search” – helping you navigate opportunities tailored to your expertise, and aspirations.

For employers

We are the only independent talent acquisition service dedicated to sourcing from a diverse scholarly community. We specialise in offering candidates predominantly at the postgraduate and PhD level (many also have further experience outside academia). Our reach extends globally, sourcing international talent while listing both domestic and international job opportunities. We place particular emphasis on supporting women and historically marginalised scholars, recognising the pervasive lack of equity within the Higher Education sector and beyond. We also welcome enquiries seeking a broader bespoke approach

Jobs board

Minerva Recruitment offers a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” jobs board, featuring diverse international job listings and spanning academic and non-academic sectors. We source opportunities for all disciplines, including STEM and SHAPE subject expertise. We, uniquely, prioritise Arts/Humanities and qualitative Social Sciences related opportunities (when possible). Our curated platform streamlines the job search process. We provide tailored options for job seekers, and facilitate connections between employers and candidates worldwide.

Fully committed to scholars

We operate on the foundation of scholar-activist principles and values, guided by our Founder/Director’s post-PhD practice, and firsthand experience in Higher Education. We are uniquely positioned to understand, and address, the challenges encountered by job-seekers within the Higher Education sector, especially women and historically marginalised scholars. This experience drives our commitment to your success! We are dedicated to providing tailored support to facilitate a smooth career transition, ensuring that you are equipped to thrive in your professional journey – whichever route you choose!

Better employment opportunities

At Minerva Recruitment, our focus is on empowering women and the historically marginalised who are struggling to navigate the job market within (and outside) the HE sector. We prioritise job listings for our job board which will provide stability, such as full-time and permanent positions. We typically only list those opportunities with (expected) salaries starting from £40K per annum and above. Many of the opportunities we feature exceed the £80K – £100K+ range (some may offer £300K – £400K+ with benefits), or their equivalent in other currencies, underscoring our commitment to facilitating substantial career advancements. Preference is typically for candidates with a Ph.D., ensuring that the right individuals are positioned for success in these roles – though many of our listings may also be suitable for other postgraduate level candidates.

Minerva Recruitment is a very good company, which personally addresses the needs of each customer. The jobs board and all website tools make easier and soften the job hunting. Also, Roz (the founder), is very kind, human and accessible to any insights, which makes Minerva unique!

Lucas Slobodticov, International Lawyer/MA Student

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